One page websites

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One page websites for your small business.

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One page websites (pageless/parallax scrolling website) can be a great alternative to traditional web design.

Firstly what is a one page website versus a traditional website?

A one page website is a single page which contains all the content, which visitors scroll through. A traditional website is a website that has multiple pages, where the visitor will click on each page to read the content.

Why choose a one page website over a traditional web design?

Its more engaging – the visitor is engaged more as they have to navigate the webpage in a linear way (through scrolling) – a traditional website is navigated through individual pages to get to the content. This one page web design therefore leads the visitor to sections of content on your page in a specifically arranged way. If done properly the visitor will be taken on a journey as the content is arranged in such as way as to tell a story, and therefore engage the visitor. To get to the next section of the page visitors need to scroll – this way of looking at content is way more engaging than clicking on individual pages. So think of a one page website as a long page with a number of sections, each section basically represents a page in a traditional website design.

A little goes a long way If you don’t have a lot of content your site still looks good – if you don’t have a lot of text and/or images in a traditional web design your site would look very sparse and not very appealing, but with a one pager it still looks good as it doesn’t have to fill a page, just a section.

Looks great on mobile devicesĀ – a one page website looks great on all mobile devices, and visitors only need to scroll to get to your content instead of multiple clicks.