Tons of elements to build your site


Canvas preview to build your layout

The Advanced Layout Builder

Take control of our website with the inbuilt page builder

Your website is built using a Premium WordPress Theme which comes with a powerful page builder that allows us to build any number of stunning layouts relatively quickly and easily by dragging and dropping the elements into place.

Once your website is completed making changes to your website (such as adding more text or uploading/changing images) is done quickly and easily by simply clicking on the specific element that you want to change! There’s also a preview tab allowing you to see the changes you are making in real time before you publish them.

(By using this method to build our clients websites we can design stunning highly functional, modern and engaging websites relatively quickly, allowing us to deliver quality websites that are more affordable, and user friendly for our clients making it a win win.)


Elements – the building blocks of the page builder! Elements are things that organise content, make pages more functional and engaging – and there are tons of elements included in your website!

Examples of elements are Google maps, Galleries, Portfolios, Buttons, Contact forms, Video, Promo boxes, Content boxes, Parallax Backgrounds and many more.